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How to Restore Aluminum Siding with the Preval vFan

airbrush how to preval vfan

Feel like there's nothing you can do about the weather-beaten aluminum siding on your home outside of replacing it? With the right tools, some energy and elbow grease, you can restore it to its original glory, making your handiwork and your cleaned-up home the talk of the neighborhood.

Recommended Paints

  • Sherwin Williams A100 super enamel
  • Sears Weather Beater refinishing enamel
  • PPG Speedhide Metal and Vinyl Siding Refinish Enamel


Materials You'll Need

Rubber gloves

Eye protection

Step ladder and/or...

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How to Paint Over Your Chrome Coffee Table with the Preval vFan Portable Airbrush System

chrome DIY how to preval vfan


Achieving a durable and lasting finish on your chrome coffee table can be difficult due to chrome’s super-smooth, mirror-like surface.  However, with proper prep, a few materials, and the Preval vFan Portable Airbrush System, a lasting finish to a beautiful coffee table is easy to attain.




Tips and Warnings:

  • Always be sure to take proper safety precautions when spraying paint, including hand, eye and breathing protection, as well as ensuring there is plenty of ventilation and no source of possible fume ignition.
  • Proper prep is...

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How To Paint Wicker Furniture

DIY furniture how to paint preval preval sprayer

Cane and wicker furniture, while great for outdoor use, often gets beaten down by weather and the elements. And (hopefully) your heavy use! So how can you keep it looking great? Using the right materials and a Preval sprayer, you can easily repaint and restore your wicker and cane pieces, either bringing them back to life or changing their aesthetic completely. Either way, your spruced-up furniture be the envy of your neighbors and the apple of your handiwork eye.

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How to Gelcoat a Boat with the Preval Sprayer

boat gelcoat how to preval preval sprayer



MHaving a High-Quality Gelcoat Reflects Well on Your Boat’s Value


Yachts, powerboats, jet skis and other amphibious vehicles are coated with several layers of gelcoat to protect the fiberglass hull from wear and damage. Gelcoat is a strong resin that adheres to the contours of your boat and flexes with the hull's contortions as it tackles the waves and weather.

If you get a lot of enjoyment out of your marine vehicle, its hull is destined to suffer some wear. Regular docking, unforeseen events, and heavy sunlight can take their toll. Even...

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Fix Those Kitchen Cabinets! Touch-up Your Stained Trim or Wood with Your Preval Sprayer

how to preval preval sprayer touch up wood

You can spruce or touch-up your stained trim and molding using your Preval Sprayer and Sherman-Williams Minwax® products.

It won't take as much time as you think. The Preval system sprays evenly over any surface, so feel free to prep and spray multiple areas at once.

See our Preval Spray Painting Tips for advice on touching up any surface in your home.



Materials You'll Need

Respirator or painting mask

Painters tape

Rubber gloves


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