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Fix Those Kitchen Cabinets! Touch-up Your Stained Trim or Wood with Your Preval Sprayer

how to preval preval sprayer touch up wood

You can spruce or touch-up your stained trim and molding using your Preval Sprayer and Sherman-Williams Minwax® products.

It won't take as much time as you think. The Preval system sprays evenly over any surface, so feel free to prep and spray multiple areas at once.

See our Preval Spray Painting Tips for advice on touching up any surface in your home.



Materials You'll Need

Respirator or painting mask

Painters tape

Rubber gloves


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How to Restore a Wooden Table with the Preval Sprayer

how to preval preval sprayer restore Sherwin-Williams touch up wood

This project is perfect for old wooden tables that have surrendered their time to the years. This great DIY project enables you to restore wood’s lost luster with some TLC via careful sanding and a fresh varnish coat. The key is to remove as much of the old finish as you can, fill any dents or splits in the wood, then sand, restain and revarnish. Follow these steps carefully to bring worn wooden tabletops back to “like new” condition.


Materials You'll Need

Eye protection

Rubber gloves


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How to Paint/Touch Up Bike Frames with the Preval Sprayer

bikes how to paint preval preval sprayer rust touch up



Nothing brings out the beauty of your bike like a brand new paint job, and thanks to the convenient simplicity of the Preval Sprayer, a DIY bike painting has never been this easy. Regardless of its appearance, when you use the Preval Sprayer you can personally restore your bike to a like-new condition 


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