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How To Paint Wicker Furniture

DIY furniture how to paint preval preval sprayer

Cane and wicker furniture, while great for outdoor use, often gets beaten down by weather and the elements. And (hopefully) your heavy use! So how can you keep it looking great? Using the right materials and a Preval sprayer, you can easily repaint and restore your wicker and cane pieces, either bringing them back to life or changing their aesthetic completely. Either way, your spruced-up furniture be the envy of your neighbors and the apple of your handiwork eye.

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How To Paint Stainless Steel

custom finish how to paint preval preval sprayer professional stainless steel

Painting Stainless Steel with Preval

I'm sure you'll agree, that bare stainless steel makes for a great sleek look or professional appearance but; sometimes you or your client may desire a custom look or a completely different finish. Here's how to obtain that with our Preval Sprayer.


To Get Started Remember These Tips and Warnings:

  • Spraying is ideal for finishing as it affords a smooth, even finish.
  • Always be sure to take proper safety precautions when spraying paint, including hand, eye and breathing protection, as well as ensuring there is plenty of ventilation and no source...

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How to Paint/Touch Up Bike Frames with the Preval Sprayer

bikes how to paint preval preval sprayer rust touch up



Nothing brings out the beauty of your bike like a brand new paint job, and thanks to the convenient simplicity of the Preval Sprayer, a DIY bike painting has never been this easy. Regardless of its appearance, when you use the Preval Sprayer you can personally restore your bike to a like-new condition 


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How To: Repair Car Paint Scratches with Preval

auto automotive how to paint

Protect the value of your vehicle with good prep and the Preval Sprayer or vFan System

The more you drive, park and wash your car, the more inevitable paint scratches and chips become. If you own a new vehicle and want to keep it pristine,...

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