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How to Repair Plastic Bumpers with the Preval Sprayer

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The more you drive, the more susceptible your bumper is to scratches, scuffs and even holes, which can all severely devalue your car's overall appearance. Instead of purchasing a whole new bumper or taking it to a mechanic, you can personally repair your bumper without sacrificing professional quality. Fixing the inevitable wear and tear on your car's plastic bumper can be costly and time consuming, but when you use the Preval Sprayer and patch kit (if necessary) you can easily and affordably restore your bumper to near factory made perfection.

Most DIY and at-home repairs are...

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How to Repair Small Car Dents and Chips with the Preval v Fan Portable Airbrush System

airbrush auto dents how to preval repair scratches vfan

Small dents, chips and scratches on your car are surprisingly easy to repair. Just grab your Preval v Fan Airbrush and follow our easy instructions below! 

If you’re driving every day, small dings and scratches to your car come with the territory. Repairing them may seem tricky, but taking your car to the body shop isn’t your only option. Spruce up and repair your car on your own terms with your Preval vFan Airbrush.


Tips and Warnings:

  • Don’t wait too long to get to...

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How To: Repair Car Paint Scratches with Preval

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Protect the value of your vehicle with good prep and the Preval Sprayer or vFan System

The more you drive, park and wash your car, the more inevitable paint scratches and chips become. If you own a new vehicle and want to keep it pristine,...

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