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Seeing Red

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Today marked a frustrating day for comic lovers everywhere sending many fans to start “seeing red” as writers J.H. Williams III and W. H Haden disclosed that they would be leaving DC Comics series “Batwoman” in December due to editorial differences. The character whom the hubbub is about is also… a caped crusader donned in red.

As Preval’s designated redheaded writer (also with a comic name), yours truly holds a special place for our beloved color red.  What better way than to discuss its impact for our color series than an adventure straight out of a red fantasy?

Here are some random facts about this striking color:

  • Red is the color of fire.  

  • The color red, for many, symbolizes life and vitality.  

  • Redheads are often referred to being “firecrackers” for their poppy nature in both physical as well as sassy personality traits.  If you don’t believe it, just think about when you see a redhead in a tv series and how their personality is…  

  • Energy, such as aggression, exudes from the very notion of the color red.

  • Red cars are rumored to be favorite targets for highway policeman everywhere.

  • Red is considered to be a sensual color.  Several songs, paintings, and other forms of art demonstrate this with gravitation towards “red lips” to invoke desire.

For comic readers everywhere, Batwoman is very much an example of these traits and more.  She embodies the symbolism of her chosen color pattern color with her hair and costume.  There is no coincidence about it.

Part of me wishes I had found our dear Preval vFan Spray System sooner as this news today brings ideas of DIY to showcase which, unfortunately I can’t bring to you right now.  Do you want to take the reins for me and show me how you can unleash your red intentions to create that red “Batwoman” detailing to your vehicle? Have you already done it?  Or are you perhaps another comic lover that has used our products on your vehicles to add some fire detailing?  We encourage you to reach out to us here either in the comments or on social media to tell us your superhero stories in red.

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