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Seeing Red

batwoman color series inspiration red superhero

Today marked a frustrating day for comic lovers everywhere sending many fans to start “seeing red” as writers J.H. Williams III and W. H Haden disclosed that they would be leaving DC Comics series “Batwoman” in December due to editorial differences. The character whom the hubbub is about is also… a caped crusader donned in red.

As Preval’s designated redheaded writer (also with a comic name), yours truly holds a special place for our beloved color red.  What better way than to discuss its impact for our...

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When Mars... Paints! Episode 1

color series ideas space

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As many of you on the west coast may have seen, there were dozens of messages sent to the great internet beyond this weekend as the skies lit up for everyone to marvel at.  What a great way to end the weekend of home improvements and relaxation right?

But what about the night?  Did you know that on this day in history the first pictures of Mars were taken by the American Viking 2 back in 1976?  It’s true!  And here you...

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Enlightenment is a Colorful Thing

color series enlightenment green

On yesterday’s edition of our ongoing Color Series we explored a bit about blue...

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