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When Mars Paints... Episode 2: the DIY

As disclosed in Episode 1, it’s time for the great reveal of just how easy it is to remake a scene straight from Mars.  As I’m new to the whole airbrush experience, I made a stop at my local craft supply store to get everything I needed.

To get started on this Preval Mars DIY, let’s get started by getting all of our tools together:

  1. Our awesome and, as you can tell, extremely portable Preval vFan Spray System

  2. Small and artist friendly 1 oz Preval product container

  3. 150 Feet of ENERGY (this little can will be your portable power source- no compressor needed)

  4. Choice of colors

  5. Fine line paint pen

  6. Lid, cutout or other circular object

  7. Illustration board

The project itself is pretty simple.  And, while my attempt at it was not as quick in the previous video we referenced, I was truly surprised by how simple it was when embarking on it myself.  

First load the gun with your choice of paint. Dilute if necessary.  As a note, the “Golden” brand colors did not need any sort of diluting but the Createx paints did.

Add the compressor to the back of the gun’s hose to get it completely ready to go.

Using the brighter colors first, aim at the illustration board and start spraying in a circular motion adjusting the nozzle to get the effect you desire.  Pull back and press for a more powerful stream, pull back lighter to get a more subtle stream of color.

Clean the gun and its corresponding bottle each time you want to change the color.

Repeat with other bright colors in a circular fashion, overlapping as necessary.  You will notice when you use the gun the effects that steady aiming and positioning will have as per patterns.

Next, after you have gotten some texture and definition with your brighter colors, use a circular object such as a lid or a cardboard cutout or… even the cap of that compressor to cover your brightly colored area.

You can now spray the rest of the board with the black paint.  Cover everything visible on the board.

Take off the circular objects to reveal your new, nearly finished Mars scene.

*If desired you can use newspaper to dab around on your scene.  This is to be done at your own risk as it is not as easy as it may sound and you may end up losing some of the effect you initially went for.  As you can tell from the image below, I lost one of my circles due to attempting to do this. Do not feel bad if you attempt to try and do it and end up with a similar experience.  You can work around it.

Allow the paint to dry for several hours overnight.

Once the paint is dried, you can then use the paint pen to add stars, and other detailing.   As you can tell I was able to work around where I had been unsuccessful with the newspaper dabbing.

The finished project could look a bit like this:

We hope you enjoyed this little Mars painting walkthrough.  Now it’s your turn.  We are excited to find out how yours turns out.  Do you have any tips you would like to add to this?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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