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Reach out and Touch.. Peach

This weekend took a downward turn for your Preval color series.  Downward into.. the depths of the ocean (or a natural aquarium).  

So what’s peach got to do got to do got to do with it?  What’s peach other than a commonly ignored color in the crayon box?

The color peach has gone through numerous iterations.  It’s name was debated even in crayon form.  The story of our beloved color peach can be traced back to 1962.  From 1949 until the monumental “U.S. Civil Rights Movement” what we know as the color called “peach” was originally called “flesh” in Crayola’s box selection of 48 colors.

And here you thought it was just the name of a fruit didn’t you?

Shades of peach and its pink tinted family member coral line the bottoms of oceans and aquariums all around the world.  They are an intricate alluring sprinkle of nature.that dances along the ocean floor.  Some might even say that this attraction is… dangerous.

In Feng Shui, the color peach is said to assist in attracting a mate.  However, after attracting a mate, some would believe that it could potentially attract infidelity.  Feng Shui dictates a huge difference even in its use of the color as well as placement of the object of a peach fruit or blossom in your home.

So wait… are you folks at Preval telling me that if I were to get my sweetheart peach colored roses it might give the wrong impression?  Nope.  Don’t worry.  Peach colored roses still symbolize affection but lean more towards friendly appreciation.  Per Sensational Color:

“Peach roses are often sent as gesture of appreciation or gratitude rather than as a token of love. Their gentle yet pleasing color can also be sent as an expression of sympathy. These subtle, gorgeous blooms are ideal to say “thanks!” or to show how much you miss a dear friend.”

For friendly and subtle touches around your home, consider one of our products to help attract the mood that best suits it.  We have the 150 feet of ENERGY to harness even the most dangerous of alluring undersea colors.

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