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When Mars... Paints! Episode 1

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As many of you on the west coast may have seen, there were dozens of messages sent to the great internet beyond this weekend as the skies lit up for everyone to marvel at.  What a great way to end the weekend of home improvements and relaxation right?

But what about the night?  Did you know that on this day in history the first pictures of Mars were taken by the American Viking 2 back in 1976?  It’s true!  And here you thought yesterday’s Labor Day was all that America had to offer you for the week!

Today’s Preval discussion is taking you new heights in search of things like the Viking did all those years ago.  So, I know what you’re thinking.  How can I bring the spirit of the Viking 2 into my son’s room or my home office?

Not too surprisingly, you don’t need a space suit to get your Mars experience here on Earth.  Pair yourself up with a bit of assistance from one of our Preval Sprayers, your choice of paints, a canvas, and everyday tools to bring Mars to life in just a few moments.

How quickly?  You’d be surprised.  Scanning the net I came across this adventure in speed Mars art-

Later this week, stay tuned for a less speedy demonstration of how to do something similar as I explore space (and the craft store) myself to help give you a more step by step look see into the process.

How are you remembering today’s adventure to Mars?  Will you be recreating a celestial landscape or will you be… thinking about those quirky alien guys?  For whatever Mars experience you’re looking to capture (before it captures you), remember that we’re here to help.  We have just the gun to make your journey safe and colorful.

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