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Happy Labor Day from Preval

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Happy Labor Day from the folks over here at Preval!  We know that long weekends are actually when those major projects finally get the attention they deserve.  How are you taking care of business with the extra day off?  Are you looking for some ideas?  We were too.  What better place to turn than you?

As we looked around the web dozens of ideas popped up.  People were taking the extra day off from working and.. working even harder!  Ideas spanned from painting kitchens to preparing the nursery for baby and more.  


In the coming weeks, we here want to give you some more insights on how we can help make all those possible.  Amazingly enough, we have just the tools to make even the smallest of fixer upper projects whiz by without a ton of labor.

For those not in their kitchens or toiling away on projects- with or without our help, it seems that many retreated to the beaches or the pool to… perhaps get some ideas for that weekend project later.  Although… that was most certainly not all of us…

Whether you are choosing to relax or are spending the Labor Day checking off the things on your DIY list, we want to hear about it.  What did you work on this Labor Day?  We get our inspiration from you after all.

For a look at just some more of the project ideas you have helped to inspire around the home, we encourage you to take a look at our Pinterest boards.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

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