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With the last day of before the holiday weekend, we here at Preval all know what you’re thinking: thank god it’s… fuschia.  Wait… what?


Today’s edition of our color series is exploring designs inspired by that bright poppy pink splash fuschia.  So let’s think pink for a little while.  I’m sure Marilyn would agree.


For those of you like me who watched movies such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” or caught glimpses of gorgeous decor, like the picture below, with its plush use of color and crooned, you likely know very well about how much fuschia could… also be deemed “a girls best friend."





Step aside boys, there’s a new sheriff in town.  We have you covered with the goods to get the job done.  


Your mission in fuschia, if you choose to accept it, starts with our vFan Airbrush or Preval Sprayer kits.  A mission  in which we have no fear you will need to call out that next action hero to unleash your inner DIY diva.  


We might not have “diamonds” but we have the next best thing.   If you are looking to get the complete Marilyn experience our equipment can even handle metal flakes and add a mirror finish on metal, wood, or even fiberglass.


Whether it’s a small project in the craft room or completely taking over and diva-izing your bedroom or even just injecting some colorful sparkle into your rocking guitar handle, let’s help you get to Marilyn status.



For the weekend.  For a Friday.  For any day where you just want to embrace your color, we’re here to help you put your hair down and let us worry about the hard stuff.  Yes, even-especially- if it’s fuschia.

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