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Enlightenment is a Colorful Thing

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On yesterday’s edition of our ongoing Color Series we explored a bit about blue skies and our ability to use this natural instance to express ourselves potentially with a Preval palette of colors.  For today’s trip down memory lane, let’s change our course just a bit.  Destination?  Enlightenment of course!

Perhaps you remember watching the famed Wizard of Oz at some point.  Let’s think about that yellow brick road.  Let’s remember where that road led; to an Emerald City.



(Pst- don’t you think it’s interestingly coincidental how the headquarters of Preval is in a city often referred to as being the “Emerald City?”  How’s that for an enlightening destination?  Maybe these folks here might be onto something...)

The color green has been coming up into discussions involving enlightenment in more than just movies.  In a recent article published on Industry Edge, a special feature was written about this very sentiment.

The article made reference to five design and color trends from Dunn-Edwards’ Simply Enlightenment 2014 report.

    1. "With stylists focused on the earth, mineral elements will inspire popular colors including natural tones, fossilized beiges, stone and sand, and smoky hues."

    2. "The popularity of Instagram means Polaroid-era styling is in. Expect to see vintage cool created by yellows, rusts and tangerines. Also, ashtrays are back?"

    3. "Major global events such as the World Cup in Brazil and the Winter Olympics in Russia will inspire intense coloring. Brazilian design influences contain over-the-top graphics, birds of paradise, and tropical colors. Russian design, meanwhile, features over-scaled flowers, marble accents, and crushed velvet."

    4. "The ocean is in. The colors of the sea will play a key role: blues, turquoise, algae, plankton. Stylists will incorporate sea creatures and mermaids, while housewares will include kelp soap."

    5. "Continuing interest in the colonization of Mars will foster minimalist details, mono-color decoration, and ancient and allegorical symbols."

Do you agree with the points made in the report or does the color green mean something else to you?  Envy perhaps?  Let us help you find the color that brings you down that yellow brick road.  We promise that even if your destination color is not green, our vFan or Sprayer will match the one that is.  Join us on our journey, your journey, towards enlightenment.  One color at a time.  The Preval way.

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