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Blue... Skies

These days we sometimes get so caught up in life that we forget to enjoy the simple pleasure of something so small as… even just looking up.  

Today’s Preval dip into color is about playing the blues.

But hold it right there Jake and Elwood, that’s not the only blues worth giving the time of day.

You might have remembered a long time ago about how excited we were about the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap ap.  Well yesterday on the way out and about to get you another story in the works, I had a moment to play with it.

Despite living in the “land of sunshine”, I am still constantly amazed by the often neglected sky views present here at times. Looking back at me when I turned my eyes upwards on that little intersection of Bundy and Santa Monica Boulevard was a beautiful blue blue sky.  I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to see just what the rest of the Preval team had been talking about.


Using the ap, I suddenly saw first hand what the rest of the team were raving about.  The ap instantly made me think about how I could capture it and incorporate it into my everyday a bit more.  Perhaps it could be put into my home on my new baby's crib or a craft project with one of my older children.  With the help of this ap, and our team here at Preval, I am now even more confident that I will be able to make that happen.


When was the last time that you looked up for inspiration?  Where are a few places that you can think of that, perhaps you might have neglected to pay as much attention to where you feel inspiration might be hiding?

Let the team of us here at Preval help you to uncover those gems of memories with our line of products.  Whether its a beautiful blue sky or perhaps a sunset, we’ve got the tools to help bring that to your life.  One day.  One color. At a time.

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