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Color: Not Just for Stupid Reasons

Kids of the nineties may recall their favorite teacher of miscellany and nonsense; Dr. Stupid.  Here at Preval, no offense to our beloved friend Stimpy, we’d like to think we might know a bit more about color.  It is, after all, not just our job, but a way of life.

In this episode of Preval color discussions, let’s examine a bit more about the psychology of color and how we interact with it in our daily lives.  As a parent, or a child, or even a grown up (because how fun is it to be a grown up if you can’t do fun kid stuff) we can even revert back to our friend Stimpy.  Did his cheerful coat of colors make you smile?  What if he had been in black and white?

Color is such an important factor of our daily lives.  It can brighten our day or dampen our spirits.  It can be the make or break in a design or any number of forms of visual executions.

Think about when you wake up and look outside to see dark rainclouds.  Think about that same day with the sun shining and blue blue skies.  


It makes a huge difference doesn’t it?  Imagine… young Ferris Bueller might never have taken the day off had it not looked like that outside.

Now think about your search for the perfect used car...but with a huge scratch on the body.  Cringing yet?  How much better could it be if it were also your favorite color?  

From the sometimes shallow and mundane pieces of our lives to the most important, we here at Preval want to help make your dreams become realities with our wide variety of DIY and professional spray equipment for a perfect match in a wide spectrum of colors.  The mark you make on the world is powerful and yours.  How are you going to impact your world today?  Let us know.  We’re here to help.

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