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Trick out your Skateboard with Preval DIY

This month is all about tricks and treats.  What better way to celebrate the coming holiday with this custom skateboard DIY?

Would you rather Skate or die trying?  Well now you can do it in style… in whatever style or color you want with a little bit of a help from Preval.


For this project you will need:

  • a well ventilated area and space to lay and/or hang your project
  • a skateboard (blank is preferred)
  • Preval Sprayer
  • four touch up jars
  • a basecolor (we used Dupont’s ChromaBase)
  • a secondary accent color
  • a basemaker (Dupont’s version of a reducer or thinner)
  • an accelerator agent (we used Paint Rocket by U-Pol to assist in drying faster)
  • paint thinner (keep this separated from all your other materials)
  • varnish
  • a stencil with a design of your choosing
  • masking tape
  • some paper or other material to cover an area



First, mix up an even amount of the basecolor, and basemaker.  Add a small amount of accelerator agent to the mixture.  This will help it to dry faster. Take the finished paint mixture and put it into a Preval touch up jar.   Shake it up to completely mix.  Your project is almost ready to go.  But for now, put this aside for a moment so you can prep your sprayer for the project.

Using another touch up jar, you can prepare your accent color in the same way as you did your basecolor.  This step can be done right now or it can be done after your original basecolor has been used and your sprayer and touch up jar has been used and cleaned.

Put some thinner into another touch up jar.  Take the top portion of your sprayer and spray some thinner out to prime your sprayer for use.  It should only take a couple of sprays to get this started.  Doing this will allow for more ease with getting the paint mixture out of the gun.

As a note: you should always do this type of preventative cleaning before a project to eliminate the potential for blockage that several types of paint may attempt to give your sprayer.


Next spray the entire board with your base color.  Allow this to dry for a few moments.  Thanks to the assistance of the accelerator, it shouldn’t take nearly as long.  While you are waiting, you can clean and prep your gun for the accent color.

After the base color is done drying, you’re ready to add your stencil design.  Place the board on the ground and use masking tape to secure your stencil into place.  Cover any part of the board that you do not want to have the accent color with paper or other materials.  Hold the Preval Sprayer a few inches away from the board.  Spray a steady stream back and forth until you get your desired design.  Allow to dry.  

All you need to do is add the trucks and wheels and you’re off to treat the world your custom skateboard tricks.  How will you treat the world of wheels?  Please show us your tricks on making this happen with our Preval Sprayer by sending us a tweet or responding to this Youtube video.  We are excited to see what you roll out.

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