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Biscotti: Treat Yourself This October

Fall mornings bid morning cups of coffee and, if you’re lucky, a touch of biscotti.  Today’s October color treat is a trek into the changing season is about that extra touch.

Biscotti is a warm creamy neutral color with just a touch of olive green.  It is a friend of several warm neutral earth tone colors such as greige, pistachio, almond, mushroom, and celery.  

As you might guess, the color frequently makes cameos in kitchens.  Perhaps not coincidentally, a search for interiors done with this color in mind are nearly all kitchens… but don’t worry, we found more.

Take this one for example, with cabinetry designed by Merilett, featuring a recessed center panel design with extra wide stiles and rails was completed with a warm palette of colors to accent has a love for biscotti.  The maple cabinetry was painted with biscotti.

Have your morning cup of Joe in this modern kitchen with biscotti cabinets, matching chairs, and dark brick placed over the stove area.



Take a step away from your coffee and bring it right to the entryway.  With the right placement and accent colors, biscotti can help make a subtle but grand entrance into your home or to your staircase.


Want a few moments to indulge?  Plan a getaway in your own home.  Enjoy the comforts of a cozy couch with adding a bit of biscotti to your living room.  Add some grey to ground yourself and really just lean back and enjoy the couch.


Feeling a bit tired now?  You guessed it.  It’s biscotti in your bedroom.  Feel relaxed with the soft tones and add some balance and tranquility in just the right amount with biscotti and milk chocolate with a hint of honey.  

Where will you bring your warm indulgence into the picture of your home today?  Breathe a new life into your space with ease and one of our Preval vFan Airbrush Systems.  All the comforts of your coffee treats are yours for the taking.  See?  Not all the treats of October are spoiled on just the kids.

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