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Accentuating the Positives of Your Home

Yesterday we learned about how primary colors in a room can express our emotions.  But what if you’re not wanting to make a full commitment to that color?  Accent colors can enhance a room just as much.  Subtle touches of color can add drama, mystique, tranquility, and much more.

Today’s adventure in color is about accentuating the positives of your home decor with accent colors.  I came across another great infographic to help show us a bit more about accent colors.  As you will see, there are similarities between accent colors and primary colors.


Each color has its own meaning.  What it may mean to you, however may be completely different than in this infographic.  Design application and tastes vary from person to person after all.  Don’t let anyone make you stray from your ultimate wants and desires.  You will see what I mean a bit more in a moment.

Let’s take a peek at some rooms done with accent coloration.


This previously white workspace is focused around its station.  Using the yellow as a basic focal point, the designer chose to place objects and art of complementary values around the desk.  A brighter version of the yellow on the metal table was added to a nearby sliding closet.  The room flows in an organic fashion that allows for the artist to construct their projects without an overwhelming amount of color pressure.

Next, take a look at the staircase and background wall in this home.


With the use of complementary colors again, the space has a balanced and tranquil feel to it.  The Chinese Red of the chair matches the back wall.  When paired with basic black and white, the color has a distinctive and elegant tone to it.  It is impactful but calming.

Lastly let’s take a look at a bathroom oasis.


Here goes another black and white boring bathroom until… the red happened.  See how much drama is added with just coloring a wall an accent color?  The room is suddenly not only tranquil but adds a spark of energy in just the right allotment.

How are you going to breathe new life into your space today?  Will you choose a primary color as complete focus or accentuate your positives with specifically tailored accent interior color?  Bring those spaces to life with one of our Preval Sprayers or our vFan Portable Airbrush Systems.  You might be surprised with the results… even if you just paint one wall in your home.


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