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Painted Emotions

“Painted Emotions” by Anxiety Living  Image courtesy of

Did you know that just as much as color itself impacts your life the placement matters just as much?  The color choice you may want to make is often dependent on the emotion you would like to convey with its presence.  The literal color in our lives can paint out our emotions- even in interior applications or DIY.

As followers of our Color Series may recall, each color itself can invoke an emotional response.  We choose certain colors to invite these emotions into our spaces or present a lack of color to perhaps inspire ideas and other unknown colorful emotions.

Design aficionados at United Kingdom Site Design 55 would like to think they know a few things about color and the emotional response.  They know firsthand that it is a very “complex” medium.  They are the team responsible for the infographic that is being analyzed on today’s blog.

Design 55 had this to say about emotion, color, and tone on their blog that was paired with their infographic about the correlation:

“From the emotion each tone can signify to the message different combinations can spread; it’s the job of the designer to navigate these issues and arrive at a palate that’s suitable for their client. Often, this can be a headache, but it’s also part of the fun of the job – provided you know the basics”

Many of the ideas you see in their infographic will sound like common sense.  Some may surprise you.  I have broken up and resized their infographic for ease of interpretation.  To start, we’re going to analyze warm and cool colors.


As you can see from the picture, there are colors that increase or decrease your heart rate.  For a high energy inciteful space, you may want to lean towards warmer colors like red, orange, or yellow.  For more tranquil and relaxing spaces however, you may want to choose cooler colors such as green, blue, or purple.

Next let’s dive into saturation.  

From what you’ve learned from the first picture, perhaps you can guess about the importance of saturation and brightness in relation to emotional response and color.  

Here are two examples of kids spaces done with completely different saturation techniques.


How did these rooms make you feel?  According to the infographic, there should be a huge difference.


It’s easy to get the emotion you want with our Preval vFan Airbrush System.  Adjustments for saturation are simply executed at the press of a switch.  Stay tuned to our social channels for more color inspiration and discussion, DIYs, insider techniques and much more! And, for a look at the bigger picture of the infographic we showed, you can see the full version (along with some other really great things you can do with our products) on our Pinterest board!

Did you find the infographic helpful?  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing how you execute your colorful emotions with our tools.  How will you choose to conceptualize the emotion of color into your design? Let us know today!


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