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Choose Your Own Color Adventure

As the weekend finally peers its head, so do visions of..whatever color or hue you can imagine.

Previous entries in our Color Series have been about the spectrum of colors available in our world.  What interests us more though are the colors that of your world.

Are the colors of your life red or yellow? Do you lean more towards semi-gloss or do you like your finished product to be matte?


With the Preval Sprayer you can chose any color or hue to illuminate your world with the colors of your imagination.  Pick your color (or colors) and drop it into one of the Preval touch up jars.


With a little help from some thinner (depending on what type of paint you use), you’re almost there.  The only thing left to do is let your imagination go wild.  

The projects that you can do are endless.  Throughout our Color Series, you will see just how much as I take you through more adventures with How-tos, great video demos in conjunction with our Youtube channel- like this one showing you how easy it is to unleash your custom color in graffiti art, family projects, home remodel projects, auto projects and so much more.

Did you know that our current customers are everyday artists as well as… But we’ll get to all that as the days come.

Also in the works- stay tuned for exciting explorations into the use of color all around the country.  You’ll find stories like this one documenting the street art found in West Los Angeles or this Youtube post featuring Austin’s street art.

As followers of our first journey may remember as well: we are actively searching for artists to talk to.  If you’re an artist that loves to use airbrush techniques and wants to show us your work or even if you’re a curious crafter who is using one of our super easy to use sprayers, please reach out to us on any of our social networks.

How will you unleash your custom color creations into the great wild?  Let us know and we’ll share the good “word.”

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