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How to Create Art using Stencils and the Preval vFan Airbrush System

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Would you like to expand your artistic creativity? Well now you can when you use the Preval vFan Airbrush system. Whether you want to add color to the walls of your home and furniture or you just like to paint for fun, when you use an airbrush and stencils, you can add a unique and professional look to your art that traditional arts and craft supplies just don’t provide. Here’s how you can bring your artistic vision to life with the Preval vFan Airbrush System and stencils.



Tips and Warnings:


To ensure you get the best results, safety measures must first be addressed. When spraying paint, always take necessary precautions by using hand, eye and breathing protection. In addition to using safety equipment you should always paint in a well-ventilated area, like an open garage, as well as painting clear from any open flame and avoiding excessively hot or cold temperatures. Also, you should always keep the surface of the materials you intend to paint like glass, ceramic, metal, etc., clean from dust and debris to ensure optimal durability and appearance. By following all the directions supplied with the paint material and taking every safety precaution, you can create your next work of art.



Eye protection

Respirator or paint mask

Preval vFan Airbrush System

Paper, canvas, metal or any other desired material to paint

Mineral spirits or degreaser

Stencils (store-bought or make your own)



Thoroughly clean hard substrates with mineral spirits or degreaser to remove dirt, dust and any oils.

Allow drying thoroughly; inspecting piece to ensure no dust, oils or fingerprints remain.



1. Fill the Preval vFan with paint.

2. Spray a test piece, getting a feel for the airbrush spray pattern. Make adjustments as necessary to achieve the desired look.

3. Spray the piece.

               a. For overall background color(s), make slightly overlapping passes with the vFan until the desired color, coverage and design is achieved.

4. Fix stencil to the piece. Using contrasting or complimentary colors of choice, add shading, highlights or color fades by spraying along the stencil edges with the vFan.

5. Depending on the desired effect, practice using positive stencils, negative stencils, or layering colors and effects using multiple stencils in succession.

               a. Remove stencils and allow each color applied to dry thoroughly before applying the next stencil/color.

6. After all stencil design have been painted, add any additional remaining colors or details to the piece as desired.

7. Let dry.

8. For added protection of the piece, spray on several layers of a clear sealer or paint compatible with the color paints used and appropriate for the substrate.

9. Allow to dry thoroughly.


Disclaimer: The Preval How To Articles Such as this one above is for informational purposes only and is intended to provide general information guidance. Because products, materials, techniques, building codes, federal, state and municipal laws vary, and are continuously changing, as is ordinances, C.A Acquisitions LLC, Chicago Aerosol and Preval assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims any liability for omissions, errors or the outcome of any project. It is the responsibility of the reader (you) to comply with all appropriate laws, manufacturer’s guidelines, rules and regulations for any project or product used. You must also take any safety precautions and exercise caution when taking on any project and by following the MSDS warning for every product or paint used in conjunction with the project completion. If you HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR DOUBTS IN REGARD TO ANY ELEMENT OF A PROJECT PLEASE CONSULT A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL.

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