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Lighter than Gravity: Preval goes to SEMA


The road trip to SEMA has been a whirlwind of fun and adventure.  The conference itself is almost just as much fun.  Our team is lead up by our fearless leaders and some of its other equally colorful list of characters.

Just how much fun is the Preval team having?  Let’s take a look at some of the shots taken on the floor of the conference and see.

The Booths: SEMA 11139 and AAPEX 41029

At setup time, Shawn was all fun and fancy free prepping for the many who would walk up to that glorious red banner at booth #11139  and take a look at our goodies.


The booth would showcase several of our beloved offerings of products including the super affordable and easy to use Preval Sprayer.


The entourage


Fans of all types were brought to SEMA at booth #11139  and booth 41029 at AAPEX to find out more.  Here’s an aspiring artist looking at our vGrip.


The colorful cast behind the scenes


The boys weren’t the only ones that got to have fun however.  Here’s a picture of a couple of the Preval women working the booth to help out.


Do you have your badge ready?  We check and take things seriously over here both at SEMA and at AAPEX.  Curious why?  We’ll get to that.


Our booths not only came fully loaded with solid automotive spray project weapons and staff but even more.  Spending time at the booth was entirely worth its while in perks, personality, project showcasing and a very special new shining star among the Preval family.

And, while fans of the spray art project might have loved this demo, it wasn’t the capability of spraying this model with spooky paint.

The winner of the biggest audience and the talk of SEMA and AAPEX?  Why it’s the brand spanking new vFan Gravity System.

The Preval team is proud to Introduce the newest member of the family with you.  The vFan Gravity System goes over and beyond the calls of duty that even its fellow family members does in an innovative way.

Take the Gravity by the hand and get even more.

The vFan System, an automotive workhorse, is a portable system delivering all automotive primers, base coats, and clear coats allowing the spray user to fully control paint and coatings flow from 1/16” detail to 3” fan. Our professional spray system delivers all paint and coating needs: spray the exact color you want with no adulteration or tint changes. And one of the best things about being an American?  Yep it was made in the good US of A.  

With the vFan Gravity, gravity itself acts as a siphon for the product while retaining all of the versatility of the original.  The dual-action system can be powered by cans of compressed air, but we also designed it for use with any standard pneumatic power source.

When you pair Gravity with our other products, the results are astonishing.  Much like our beloved Rover to Woody project, the Gravity takes command in breathing a breath of fresh life into any automotive project.  The team here at Preval would like you to join us in feeling weightless and free of any disasters in paint.  And while our version doesn’t feature Sandra Bullock officially, you never know.  After all, with a former husband who loved to customize his vehicles, there may be celebrities like Sandra looking to be on the arm of the one who wields this blockbuster in automotive goodness.   

Are you at SEMA or AAPEX this week?  Please come by and see this for yourself.  You may find something lighter than air worthy of standing ovation.  Not in Vegas?  Don’t worry you can still join in on the fun.  Watch the action on our social networks and the blog for more updates on automotive projects, DIY, and other assorted awesomes that you are capable of with the Preval line of products.            


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