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Fairy Tale Auto Ambitions Part Four - On the Road to SEMA

Ah Vegas… where fairy tale dreams can become realities and where some realities can appear to be fairy tales that much more.

This weekend the whole team was in labor.  The gents of the Preval team hit the road to SEMA while yours truly headed for the hospital for a different kind of labor.

The road to SEMA/AAPEX was full of adventures in that very special Rover turned Woody project just like the reinvigoration itself.  Last we left our heroes, they had just finished the exterior painting and molding of the woody.  Beauty is more than skin deep.  Let’s dig into the interior today.

Taking a look into the glass we wanted the inside to match the rest of the Woody heart.  To do so, a number of issues would need to be addressed: from the dreaded electrical gremlins running through the wiring harnesses to the radio to the window switches.  Everything was in chaos and seemed to have a mind of its own.  The solution?  Of course we had to rip everything out and start on a clean slate.


Wiring, however, proved to be tricky.  Hiding it would involve removing the carpet and exposing what was originally there to make room for the new.  While it sounds simple enough, it, of course, wasn’t. Removing things was a cinch. It was not the case the other way around.  We were going to need another magic rabbit to get this task done.  


Once again, Sammy summoned for the best to assist.  Thankfully the guys at Soundz Good Chicago were able to take the time from their usual work providing studio sound, security, and electronic work to lend a hand with the installation.


Paired with custom work on interior panels ala the vFan Gravity, the woody was nearly into the woods. Wiring was a breeze for the guys at Soundz Good Chicago.  They took to the Woody like surgeons chasing down and eliminating every wiring issue that the guys could think of.  


The heart is often fueled with musical ambitions.  A brand spanking new stereo by Clarion complete with Kenwood amps was in order.  Touch screens, remote monitors, and strategic placement of amps and speakers were all placed in a way deserving of an electrical guitar symphony.


Add to it the DVD entertainment system for long road trips (like the one from Chicago to SEMA which you can follow along here), and the killer audio experience only attained by this level up install and the guys were ready to rock.

Want to see how the completed project turned out?  Come back tomorrow for the last reveal or maybe even see it for yourself at SEMA and AAPEX in Vegas.  Either way, we guarantee that you want to see this.  

You’re going to be amazed at how much magic is packed in our line of Preval products.  From the simple but easy to use and remarkably effective Preval Sprayer to the vFan Airbrush System to the precision and lightweight feeling in your hands with Gravity… we might know a few things about fairy tale ambitions and cars.  Let’s join forces and high five across social platforms and in person.   

Are you brave enough to breathe a breath of fresh air into a potentially disastrous project?  Let us know.  We dare you to show and tell us.


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