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Imagining Purple - A DIY Dream

Did you know that the color purple is a thing for the kids?  Imagination sparks go flying in conjunction with the color purple.

Let’s take a stroll with the kids and look at a few books that embrace this beloved color.

One of the most beloved and remembered purple themed stories is “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” Released over five decades ago, this purple book is all about unwavering imagination and creativity. What childhood was like before Harold went on his journey with his magical purple crayon seems… a bit black and white.  Perhaps this book was distributed amongst the Preval team members when they were babies… our team is full of imaginative minds almost as grand as ole’ Harold’s.

Preval Baby in a year...

A decade after Harold arrived, Mr Pine made an entrance.  The 1965 classic, and once out of print book, “Mr Pine’s Purple House” by Leonard P. Kessler is another timeless and beloved classic that embraces the world of purple.  

It all started when dear Mr Pine had a dilema.

"A white house is fine," said Mr. Pine, "but there are FIFTY white houses all in a line on Vine Street. How can I tell which house is mine?"

Looks like he figured out a way to solve that...

Purple, Green, and Yellow” by Robert Munsch explores a different problem… and one little girls’ love of markers in the three colors.  Oh so many choices… how could you choose just one?

“My Purple Kisses” by Blair Hahn is the second book in her Purple Series of books that joins the color purple with unconditional love.


Did you know that our Preval lines of products are imagination friendly?  Whether you’re a grown big kid or even a little Preval baby, it’s easier than… you might imagine.

Stay tuned to our Youtube channel and our blog for upcoming projects that show how you can unleash your inner Harold on a DIY project with one of our super easy to use Preval Sprayers with or without the kids.  Or, let a grown up lend you a hand and unleash that imagination in the kitchen on a cake* like our friends did with our Preval vFan Airbrush System.


With one of our Preval products, your imagination is in your hands.  How will you breathe the colors of your imagination to life? Will you bring the kids with you?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear about it.

*When using the vFan Airbrush for food applications, please be sure to power it with an air compressor that is rated for use with food.  

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