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Simple Design DIY: To the Vents and Beyond!

Do you look at your garage and shake your head with all the work that needs to be done before you can... even get some work done?   Do you have garage envy?  Are you wanting to let out your inner designer? You’re not alone.  But did you know that its a lot easier than you would think?


Remodeling projects are now even easier with our Preval Sprayer and vFan Airbrush Systems!  It’s true.  So true in fact, that even bossman Sammy Averbach was able to lend a hand with a few things for the latest paint project in the garage despite his crazy, hectic schedule!

Teamed up with Roscoe Painting and Remodeling of Chicago, Sammy was out to put the Preval Sprayer to work with a variety of tasks.  Where to start?  Start by looking up… to the vents and beyond!

Do you have second thoughts about those air vents?  Want a color change or even just ready to do some updating and maintenance?  It’s easy to take care of when you have one of our Preval Sprayers.

To update those air vents you will need:

Wait, did you just say all we need to do this was just a few items?  Yes, it’s that simple!


One of the great things about the product we are using is that it serves multiple purposes.  Benjamin Moore’s DTM Maintenance Coating is both a primer and a finish all in one which makes it super simple to use.  First, you need to strain the paint through the cheesecloth to remove anything that might clog the sprayer and then thin the paint with a little bit of water, Sammy used 4 parts paint to 1 part water, and then you pour it in the container, spray, and go  

Was this DIY helpful to you?  What little things do you want to conquer in the garage?  Stay tuned to watch as the team does more than put their feet up as we show you just how much our Preval Sprayers can simplify your dream garage remodeling tasks one task at a time.  It’s so easy, even a boss can do it!

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