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Build Me Up Butternut

You butternut be sad... You butternut cry... because the week is halfway over and today’s fall treat is all about the color butternut.

Yesterday we talked a little bit about the butternut relative- pumpkin.  Yet another friend in the squash family, the butternut color takes form in two different kinds of colors, butternut yellow and butternut brown.


Vintage car lovers are familiar with butternut.  Butternut yellow, for example, was one of the color choices available for the 1967 edition of the Chevelles and Camaros.


Butternut brown, on the other hand, is more favored in home decor and wearable fashion accessories.  Let’s take a peek at some rooms done with a touch of butternut brown.

This bedroom before and after is a wonderful showcase of butternut brown.  It almost makes you want to go jump in bed like it’s a crushed pile of leaves or grab that pumpkin spice latte.


Butternut brown is also used in several kitchens.  Using the color as a stain, it adds a little something extra to wood finishes such as this example done in this commercial kitchen.


The fall color of this winter season squash is still consistent with either iteration and execution of the color.  Butternut is true to its diverse roots as yet another anomaly.  

It’s warm set of tones is a balance to the squash family of colors.  The deeper brown and light yellow forms are just a couple of the many available options.  Wood and concrete painters adore it throughout the year.

Are you looking to add some fall butternut color to your home or automobile project?  We hope you will consider one of our Preval Sprayers to help you get that classic warmth all year around.  You butter believe it.

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