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Fairy tale Auto Ambitions - Part One

Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood entered a wooden cottage and ended up creating a legendary story for all to remember.  Once upon a more recent time, in a land that was a bit less Grimm, a redheaded writer far away from home entered into… a relationship with a company that she hoped would assist in creating a legendary story for all to remember.

According to the captain’s log, it all started before I came on board with Preval.  The company founder and fellow paint family president, Sammy Averbach, had a project that popped onto his radar: something, perhaps out of a fairytale.  The project would involve breathing new life into an old classic vehicle and transforming it into something more magical.  It would be something that Little Red Riding Hood could brave the forest with… in style.

The vehicle itself was not anything spectacular to start.  Regardless, Sammy seemed to have quite a bit of imagination and big plans.  


The series of emails brought forth from that idea bubble Sammy had while attending a basketball practice for his young sons ignited a wildfire of ideas ranging from that Rover.  Ideas spanned a forest of ideas including a Wild West theme, a jungle theme, and the ultimate final design idea: the “woody.”

But, like many things, the magic would take work to get to.  Work that wasn’t in the initial plans.  Work that… took a whole team to get this adventure into the woods.


For this endeavor, Sam knew he was going to need to go to the best of the best.  In order to get this project worthy of hopeful praise and recognition at the 2013 SEMA and 2013 AAPEX trade shows, the project had to be executed quickly and skillfully.

Sammy didn’t want to put a side panel sticker or simply paint the car. That simply wasn’t going to do.  You don’t get fairy tale results when you don’t add the right amount of magic.

Sammy knew just the magician to make his exterior magic happen.  He enlisted the assistance of master sculptor and artist Thom Hunt to prep the vehicle for conversion.  Thom would hand-sculpt and mold the side panels of the “woody.”


With that, the Rover headed West.  A trek to Fairbury, Nebraska to Big Bamboo Studios would be in order.  

Are you excited about our fairy tale project car as we are?  We encourage you to continue to read as we show you more about the woody as it comes to life.  Stay tuned!


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    Love it!!

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