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A Color Not to Lose your Head Over

The leaves may be falling and colors may be muted, but what about about those of us still in love with those other seasons?  For those still holding onto summer with their rose colored glasses, this is for you.

Yesterday we talked about the revolution you could start with a simple Preval Sprayer.  Today let’s switch gears and enter Wonderland. Fret not, the Queen shan’t be coming with us.

If you have a white canvas and want to breathe some fresh life into it, bring the garden into your home with the light touch of a vFan Airbrush System.  You can commit to a full wall or even just add touches in specific places to get a more subtle look to an otherwise potentially boring white space.

With a little bit of craftiness, you can convert an ordinary branch into a work of art.  Here’s one that we found that was repainted with white, rose, and a light touch of orange.  If you like it, perhaps we can make a DIY about it on a future blog.  Let us know what you think in the comments or reach out to us on one of our social channels.

Here’s a picture of a little girl’s room fully committed to the rose color.  One gorgeous wash with the rose color will have any little girl remembering that walk in the garden with mom and dad.

Not too far from a place known for the Rose Bowl celebration, fans of old Hollywood nostalgia are sometimes lucky enough to come across the famous color.  Take this picture from an evening stroll I went on one evening in West Hollywood.



How are you going to bring the smell of roses into your home today?  Will it be a DIY arts and crafts project or will it be something bigger?  Whether great or small, your project is nothing to lose your head over.  Just grab a Sprayer and be amazed at how easy it is. Let us know if you need any help.  


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