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White Spaces

The emptiness of white pages and spaces can be overwhelming as much as it can be relaxing.  Today on our color series, we are going to explore more about this lack-of-color color.

The color white represents the potential for new beginnings and purity.  Many women dream of the color in hopes to someday don it down the aisle in a most magical momentous ceremony.

The Ocean Crystal Chapel at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu

Minimalists love white because of its clean approach to rooms.  So do apartment managers.  If cleanliness is next to godliness, then white is the color of the gods.

White is not just exclusive to standard apartments though.  White is used in a variety of spaces from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  It is known to be a powerful color.  

The most powerful figure within the United States, the president, lives in a famous white colored house filled with specific colored-named rooms.  We hope that you will continue to follow along with us as, later in our color series, we will take a more in depth look into this phenomenon with a White House decor colors article.    

Many industrial lofts employ the use of white within their space.  Take this space in Brussels owned by globetrotting Belgian architect Julien De Smedt.

White can add touches of sophistication and class to any space.  Take this gorgeous bathroom located at the HGTV Urban Oasis in Boston, Massachusetts.

Image via

What way will you utilize white in your living space today?  Will you be using it in your apartment to assist in helping it look clean?  Will you paint your concrete walls in your loft?  Will you add some sophistication and power to your bathroom?  Consider using one of our Preval Sprayers to help make that happen.  Transform your life today.

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