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Preval Goes Vegas Wrap Up

Last week was a pretty major one for the Preval team.  From conferences, new product launches, to new baby launches, the team week was action packed full of new developments.  Let’s review some of the colorful highlights.

The team debuted their fairytale dream car project done with the entire family of Preval products and talent in Vegas at not one, but two conferences: SEMA and AAPEX.


The once gold Rover went under an intensive makeover to Woody in the weeks prior to SEMA and AAPEX.  While our blog discussed the makeover step by step, it paled in comparison to seeing the actual vehicle in person at the conferences.

The incredible and lighter than air Gravity system was revealed and made available to the public.  

The Gravity system is a hybrid and more precise model than its predecessor- the vFan Airbrush System.  However, as the project Woody car would show, as well as the demos, all the Preval products are multifunctional and have their power points that will garner attention of small to even massive projects.

SEMA booth 11139 allowed for many demos including a hands on chance to try the new Gravity system out for yourself.

Of course, while the conference goers enjoyed the hands on demo, apparently the ladies of the show got some notice as well.  Our spray painted beauties drew crowds and press like car aficionados at MyRideisMe.


Even the conference itself took notice of our brand presence.


Lastly while everyone else was working, yours truly was off working a different way… giving birth to the next future artist and #PrevalBaby.


We’d like to think last week was a mighty big week for our brand.  But that’s not all we have going on for us.  Just what will come from the team next?  To start we’re going to have more DIY projects featured on both the blog as well as our Youtube channel.  There’s going to be even more fun going on with our other social channels.  And, maybe a few other things not quite as publicly on the radar.. yet. Stay tuned for how we Preval.. and let us know how you do too.  We’d love to hear about it.

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