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Let's Hear it for the Veterans

It’s Veterans Day and we just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all the Veterans out there that served our country.


No matter what colors you wore when you served the stars and stripes, know that your efforts and valiant heroism is not forgotten.  Because freedom isn’t free.  Because the land of the brave would be a lot less without your duty.  Your service and dedication, valor and courage, and all of your passion is.. appreciated more than you can imagine.

So what colors are the Veterans wearing today?


 Utility Uniform, Blue Dress Uniform, Service Uniform, and Evening Dress Uniform

Each uniform has its own time and purpose for its dress style.  Utility is worn on the field. The brown service uniform is worn more for business affairs such as courts martial. The blue and evening dress are worn for more formal affairs.


The colors behind those infamous army camouflage dress are four stacked colors: desert khaki, sand yellow, army green, and tank tread gray.  Each are a piece of the elements braved on a call of duty.

So where does an infantry man lay his head when he comes back to roost?  Perhaps it’s a bedroom like this one.


Combining colors and utility, this bedroom brings all the glory back home in style.  On this Veteran’s Day we invite you to relax and put your feet up.  Take a Preval Sprayer in your hands and let us do the work.  We all know that you’ve done more than enough.

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