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vFan Gravity   (SKU# 0924)

vFan Gravity (SKU# 0924)
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Dual action 

Works with most workshop compressors

.9mm fan cap and ¼ oz gravity-fed metal cup included

Meets National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)

Protected against all solvents

Instruction Manual included


The vFan Gravity, based on our award-winning vFan Spray system, is gravity-fed and portable. It delivers all primers, coats, finishes, or other liquids, allowing the spray user to fully control the flow from 1/32” detail to 3” fan. The vFan Airbrush is also a versatile and effective tool for precision paint jobs, surface repairs, paint chips, trim, design, details, and controlling paint output for fast curing. This hybrid system delivers high-quality results with most electric compressors. Spray the exact color you want with no adulteration or tint changes: where you want, the color you want.


Made in the USA.                                                                                                                        


Standard .9mm detail FAN air cap for perfect coats, as well as A detailed air cap for precision detail to line patterns

Available cap sizes include 1/32” detailed line and 3” fan pattern


Usable with solvent or water-based paint products


The vFan Gravity kit includes the following:

* vFan with round and fan .9mm aircaps

* Pressure tank valve

* (2) wrenches

* (2) 1oz glass storage bottles

* 6' braided hose



vFan Gravity accessories (sold separately) to enhance your spraying projects:

Deluxe Hanger

Quick Release

30ft hose

.66 mm & .33 mm tips, needles, and caps

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