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vFan Airbrush   (SKU# 0917)

vFan Airbrush (SKU# 0917)
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  • Dual action  
  • Works with 150 Feet of ENERGY and most workshop compressors 
  • .99mm fan cap and ¼ gravity fed metal cup included 
  • Meets National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)
  • Protected against all solvents
  • Instruction Manual included
The vFan Airbrush provides professional spray coverage with a 3”fan or 1/16th detailed patterns at a fraction of the cost of most hvlp and airless spray systems. This portable spray system is designed as a airbrush, perfect for touch-ups, shading and tight areas where you can't afford overspray.  
The vFan Airbrush is also a versatile and effective tool for precision paint jobs, surface repairs, paint chips, trim, design, details and controlling paint out put for fast curing. This hybrid system delivers high-quality results with either our portable 150 Feet of ENERGY and energy disbursement unit, or most electric compressors. 
The vFan Airbrush is made of durable brass and stainless steel and delivers consistent 1/16” detailed lines or 3” spray pattern with just a quick change of the spray nozzle.    
Sold Separately:
  • .38mm and .66 Standard Aircaps
  • .38mm and .66 Needles
  • .38mm and .66 fluid Tips  
  • Airbrush Mount, Cleaning kits, adaptors, loack stop handles and more.

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