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Energy Disbursement Unit   (SKU# 0960)

Energy Disbursement Unit (SKU# 0960)
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If you need more than a quick touch-up, you will be impressed with our EDU.  This container clips to your belt and when adding water to it, the EDU system insulates the 150 Feet of ENERGY unit at a consistent temperature to deliver a longer lasting, more continuous spray.  This innovation gives you five times the spray duration with the 150 Feet of ENERGY. 
The Preval Energy Disbursement Unit (EDU) is  patent pending process delivering long lasting, continuous spray from each 150 Feet of ENERGY unit by increasing the liquid mass of each pressurized can.  
The way it works is simple: just fill half the EDU with room temperature water, feed the airhose through the lid and place the 150 Feet of ENERGY unit inside, turned on, secure the lid.  When the job is done, take the 150 Feet of ENERGY out of the EDU.
* The vFan Airbrush sold separately. 

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