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Preval Fuels Growth In The Global Surface Repair And Finishes Industry

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A world leader in the paint and coating industry, Preval is continually developing innovative new products that drive exceptional sales growth for retailers and distributors.Preval’s high-quality and high-value products are matched by exceptional client service. Preval’s full line of complementary products and accessories is designed to make spraying more accessible and effective for novice and professional users in nearly every industry. The company’s three core products are at the center of its design strategy. 



Preval is known across the globe for its namesake product, the Preval Sprayer, a professional grade aerosol system that provides an affordable, portable and precise alternative to compressor-dependent spray guns. The Sprayer is powered like a traditional aerosol can  but delivers the professional results of a traditional spray gun. Its value and portability have made the Sprayer a touch-up staple in industries as diverse as automotive nautical and aviation repair; furniture-making and crafting.




Like the Sprayer, the vFan Airbrush delivers professional results, including highly precise hairline detail and fan patterns, at a fraction of the cost and effort of competitors’ airbrush  and spray systems. The vFan Airbrush is used by those seeking expert-level touch-ups  and surface repairs; surface preparation; and fast curing. The dual action vFan Airbrush is easy to control allowing the user to manage air volume and product output. This precision based technology allows vFan Airbrush users to atomize product finish coatings, paints and  chemicals with nano-sized droplets for ultra-thin layering to feather, blend and to speed up cure times.




The vGrip 2-in-1 handle and ergonomic trigger attaches easily to the Preval Sprayer as well as any other standard aerosol can. With a low manufacturer suggested retail price, the vGrip  allows all aerosol paint applications to be achieved with zero finger fatigue and maximum spray comfort. The device is built with an ergonomic trigger that accommodates 4-finger use as opposed to market standards that allow room for only 1 or 2 fingers. Distributing pressure among a greater number of fingers makes spraying much easier and more comfortable.



February 2013: Preval earned the prestigious Sherwin-Williams Vendor of the year Award, which recognizes a small group of suppliers who have demonstrated substantial success in a variety of categories, including double-digit sales growth, high quality and high value  products, ambitious new product development and exceptional service and management.


January 2012: The vFan Airbrush was recognized as the most innovative new product in the Sundries category by Val-Test, one of the largest paint & hardware buying groups in the United States.


November 2011: The vFan Airbrush was named runner-up for best new Packaging Display by the Specialty equipment market Association (SEMA). SEMA awards recognize the most innovative products entering the market for superiority of innovation, technical achievement, quality and workmanship, consumer appeal and marketability. 

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