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Seasons of Changes


Autumns in California aren’t quite as magical as they were growing up listening to David Bowie back in sweet home Chicago.  Thankfully, I get the priviledge of working with the Preval team who get to embrace that magic all year around with our varieties of products available to help bring back the nostalgia and magic of those crisp breaths of fresh season air.

Our team and our product offerings are expanding.  Our products and the people working on them are just as dynamic and colorful people as those falling leaves back home… where, ironically, “home base” is located in yet another familiar suburb of Chicago.

But back to those changing leaves for a moment…

Do you know the real reason those leaves actually change?  According to the site Popular Science and an interviewed leaf guy (he’s been studying leaf changes since 1973) David Lee:

“The color of a leaf is subtractive, like crayons on a piece of paper.”

The reason why?  It’s all about chlorophyll.

The chlorophyll in leaves makes them green.  However, along with this, all green plants also carry a set of chemicals called carotenoids.  Carotenoids are found in the chloroplasts where they function to assist chlorophyll (and the plant) with the photosynthesis process.  The pigment helps to harvest more light.  As the seasons change, the once invisible additional pigment becomes more present.  The chlorophyll dissipates.  Suddenly that yellow-orange color we all know and love is revealed.


But enough of this scientific analysis stuff.  Let’s get back to the colors that make our changing autumn season great.

Reds, yellows, browns, and shades of gold are the colors of the moment.  They are the colors of change.  Don’t believe me?  Well let’s take a look inside some projects and homes done with these colors in mind.

Our Rover project started off as a gold car originally.  While it didn’t stay that color for long before its incredible transformation, it still sure glitters like gold in its own way.  We’ll show you more about that at SEMA next week though.

Spruce up the table with a gold painted pumpkin.  Just load up a Preval Sprayer and see easily you can make that pumpkin even more magical.


Sticking with those shades of gold and light yellow and brown hues, this living room may be indeed be lovely enough to make you smile.


Give those wooden beams new shine with a little help from a Preval Sprayer or the vFan Airbrush system and your room could possibly add a bit more pop to that autumn room.


How will you embrace change this season?  Will it be with one of our tried and true Preval products or will it be… something new coming in November?  We’d love to hear about it.


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