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Race into Action with Preval

A few days ago, we gave you a peek at the fairytale woody Rover revamp project.  Today let’s show you a bit more of the behind the scenes demonstrating why we were confident to embark upon such a huge project in the first place.

For years, the Preval Sprayers and products have been used and loved within the automotive industry. Now, you may be asking yourself just what it is about our Preval Sprayers that appeals so much to automotive professionals.. I am here to tell you that it’s much more than just the low price point.  They love the consistent quality and diverse capabilities of our sprayers... as well as its ease of use.  Young and old auto lovers rejoice at the reliability of Preval Sprayers.  Finally!! There are paint systems that can be used by virtually anyone of any age and any level of experience without breaking the bank!

Dale Summerhalder, the Crew Chief of the #32 pure stock racecar team and his son Robert, 2008 driver and Rookie of the Year, put together a demo on just how easy it is to use the Preval Sprayers in a video as they redid the hood of the car.  Yep, that’s right… real race car drivers and their teams are using our products out in the middle of the ultimate tough and tumble.


Robert talked about how much easier the Preval vFan was to use, prep and clean as compared to others on the market.

“It’s unbelievable.  It only takes a couple of minutes to clean up whereas the other standard gun system probably takes a good fifteen minutes or so to clean up as you have to take apart the whole system.  This you just take off the jar, empty it, clean it up with laquer thinner and then just run it through the sprayer and then its clean.”

Dale talked about how convenient our Preval touch up jars were as well.  He noted that by using them, he didn’t have to use a separate measuring container and that it took the guesswork out of the equation as the jar features markings so you always know just how much product is in the jar.

Robert raved about how much you couldn’t tell the difference between the Sprayer and other more expensive guns of its kind.

“You can’t tell the difference.  It’s that great of a product.”

He went on to talk about how often he gets asked “if he owns his own body shop” due to the car looking so great even after touch ups.


Are you an aspiring race car driver or an automotive hobbyist or professional?  Give our products a try. You may be amazed at the quality and ease of our ultra affordable Preval Sprayers, the Preval vFan Airbrush System or even the new…

But we’ll get to that later.  How will you take the power of Preval to breathe fresh air into your car today?  Let us know by reaching out to us on one of our social networks, making a video to share with us on Youtube, or even just leaving a comment here to the blog.  We’d love to see it.


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