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The Honeydew Weekend List

Ah the weekend.  The time when the “honey do” list comes out.  “Honey can you do this?”  “Honey can you do that?”  “Honey what’s the Preval featured color of today?”  Well it’s honeydew, honey.  Naturally.

Honeydew is a trek back into springtime.  The color and the fruit it was named after are abundantly seen throughout the Spring season.  Bridesmaids of the season and Easter festivities going ladies frequently wear the color proudly..

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Honeydew is a youthful color.  It invokes those magical moments of the first days of Spring.  It is soft and sweet.  The color seems to wistfully capture the essence its fruit counterpart.

Gorgeous applications of this color can be found in more than just fabric.  Here’s a couple of rooms done with the honeydew color.

This baby’s room was done with a combination of Sherwin-Williams colors.  Honeydew, Slow Green and Greek Villa were used as a subtle touch to existing soft and brightly colored furniture and focus decor pieces.

Another example of a more adult space is this bedroom done with using two different styles of paints to achieve “texture without the high color contrast. It follows in line with the subtle focus of the previous room but in its own way.  It’s pretty mind boggling what can be achieved by just adding a little bit of semi-gloss paint alongside matte.

Lastly, the modern mom adventurer and former blogger at used the Behr version honeydew color in the room of her teenage daughter.  Look at how much the color makes this room pop just on its own.

For your “honey do” weekend list, consider making the color honeydew a part of it.  Both you and your honey can do the job easily with one of our super easy to use Preval Sprayers or Preval vFan Airbrush System.   

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