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Go Green: Celery Edition

These days the world is all abuzz with the phrase “Go Green.”  People are looking to be more earth conscious with their day-to-day activities from taking the bus to work to managing their water and electricity usage to eating healthier, more organic processed foods.

As a tribute to eating healthy, your end of the week color “snack” will feature some health conscious food colors.  After all, our products are perfect for the “green” diet of the earth as they are completely recyclable after use when properly cleaned.

For a clean palate, todays featured “green” color is celery.  Celery is the health friendly taste of choice for cozy kitchens and modern living room spaces.

Better Homes and Gardens gave us a couple of different perspectives on how celery looks when applied.  Here is a picture of a kitchen interior done in celery with touches of yellow added to the mix.

Want to add a bit of a dessert to the celery coloring?  As you can see the image above shows a couple of other edible colors paired in.  Hints of yellow and wood accents might bring a bit of peanut butter nostalgia to your kitchen.  However, if you are really wanting to add some peanut butter, Behr has a paint named just that for your celery and peanut butter home interior needs.

The color celery also adds for a clean, airy flow to other earth friendly tones such as rich accents of chocolate earth and ocean blue.  This lighter rendition of celery invokes a more youthful, modern view at this very special green.

How do you show your “green” ways?  Do you recycle?  Do you eat health conscious?  Or do you just find yourself just getting sucked into the green of everyday living spaces?  For whatever the reason, we make it easy and eco-friendly.  With our products, we believe we can help with your mission to make the world a better place. Whether it’s during the process of getting those colors in your hand with our Preval Sprayers or Preval vFan Airbrush System or afterwards when it’s all over.  Your health and the Earth’s health is here in your hands one spray at a time.

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