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Walk on Eggshell Design

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Tuesday rolls in and while Monday felt bittersweet at first, something seems amiss in the office.  There’s a little bit of a hush as the boss walks by.  Something is going on.  You keep your head down.  Everyone can tell but no one wants to talk about it.  They are… all walking on eggshells.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?  According to Preval color series logic, it would appear the former, as today we are going to be talking about the eggshell color.

Eggshell (or some other form of white) is perhaps one of the most beloved colors of all landlords.  Eggshell is used in rental units all over the world. Some landlords disagree however. Proponents on a resource site catered to renter professionals “Landlordology” are wanting this to change stating:

“Oppositely, if you paint everything white (I mean everything), your property will seem dull and sterile – lacking a sense of “life”.  Painting everything white may look clean, but it will scare away some potential tenants who lack vision to make it their own.  After all, they need to be able to envision themselves making a home in your property.”

On the other hand, do you have young kids in the home? Our friends over at Valspar chimed in with a reason why you might want to go the eggshell route:

“Satin and eggshell paints are the preferred finishes for highly-trafficked areas.  Attractive, long-lasting, and practical, a stain finish is easy to maintain.  Just wipe off those little fingerprints with a damp cloth.”

For those not entirely convinced, stay tuned for an upcoming tips and tricks piece coming up for other ways to contain the little scribble wall artist if you decide to go against the eggshell suggestion.

But for now, let’s take a look at some rooms done with applying the eggshell logic.

Martha Stewart’s Araucana and Ameraucana chickens inspired the colors in this room featured as one of her “Best of Living Colorful Rooms” featured in Martha Stewart Living, April 1995:

See how a bit of eggshell can make your room antique and cozy looking?  But what about the executive who has a mini gym in their home?  Here’s a version done on Houzz:

For those seeking to deter little scribblers or have a cozy home for antiques or even the gym, eggshell white is not a color that you should be careful around.  It’s a color for comfort.  It’s a color for cleanliness.  Either way, we have you covered.  Don’t be afraid.  Walk on!

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