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Will Puce Finally Get Some Respect?

Ever find yourself in a bit of a disagreeable moment?  The color puce feels your pain.  Today we’re going to explore this very misunderstood color.

Few may remember or even know what the color puce really is.  It’s not a color many gravitate towards,  It’s not a recognized Crayola color.  Different countries can’t even agree about it. as they believe the color to be different shades.  

Per Wikipedia:

“In the United States, the color puce is viewed as brownish-purple.  In the UK, the color is viewed as purple brown or a dark red.  In France, where it was invented, puce is described as a rather dark reddish brown.”

Oxford Dictionary defines puce as being of late 18th century French origins literally of flea colour.  Fleas you ask?  Yes.  Apparently seeing this color around your home is not exactly desired as its also the same name as the commonly referred to bed bug or flea per the French-English Dictionary.

Pop culture references have paid homage to this color in attempts to make light of its unfortunate alter egos.  

Are you bold enough to stand up to this misunderstood “expensive purple?” Let us help you give it the respect it debatably deserves.

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