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Our 4 Favorite Ways to Upcycle Before the Inlaws

So, the family is due in tomorrow. The shopping has been done, the turkey is in the freezer, and the recipes are laid out with care. With all that out of the way, you want to dazzle your guests even more? Here are some of our favorite DIYs, perfect for your Preval Sprayer

1. Colorful Candlesticks

Looking for a quick way to add color and bring your decor out of the dark ages? Update your candlestick holders with a pop of color! We love the color combos pictured, but you can bring accent colors or holiday chic to your home with this quick and easy DIY!

2. Frames and Forks

Create the perfect artistic accent for the most important meal of the year by framing utensils! A quick coat of your favorite matte paint with your Preval Sprayer creates a gorgeous palette for both art and frame. Pick a complementary fabric (we love the rustic burlap pictured!) and secure with glue once dried!

3. Gorgeous Glassware

The lovely le zoe musing took a little painter’s tape and a gorgeous gold hue to make a beautiful vase! We love the vintage fish sauce bottle she used. The key to clean lines on this DIY is a bottle with consistent shape and smooth surface for painting. You can see the full DIY here.

4. Creative Candles


Pepper your holiday spread with these creative candleholders. Apartment Therapy creates these votives with paint and twine. The unpredictable pattern is a rustic accent perfect for your holiday decor. The process is simple: wrap twine around the glass securely and spray! See more instructions here.

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